How Online ERP Can Help in Slashing OpEx and CapEx?

Any successful entrepreneurial setup operates by striving for more profits and reduced expenses.  Any business that succeeds in acing this objective eventually stands out among its competitors.  However, it’s not that easy to achieve the perfect balance between profits and expenses. You can’t just turn the expenditure faucet off while racking in the profits since both are strongly interconnected.

Nevertheless, there are some measures that can help businesses in slashing their expenses without affecting their profits. Adopting online ERP services is one such measure that can help businesses to cut down their expenses without compromising on production and growth.

In this blog, we will discuss the cost-cutting implications of online ERP systems in the context of Operational Expenses (OpEx) and Capital Expenses (CapEx). Let’s have a look.

Online ERP and CapEx

Capital Expenses (CapEx) entails the spending on fixed assets or services bought for more than a year.  It includes purchasing buildings, equipment, and vehicles, etc. Since they are usually one-time spending, therefore they involve massive upfront costs. For that matter, decision-makers have to extensively mull over before calling the shots regarding any CapEx.

By choosing online ERP services, you can bring down your CapEx. By availing online cloud services and servers, you will not be required to expand your existing premises to accommodate one more department. Moreover, by using the SaaS version of ERP, you don’t have to spend on expensive hardware purchasing.  

Servers used for ERP operations don’t come cheap. A lot of capital investment is required to set up a standalone server system to carry out complete ERP operations.  For small businesses and startups, approving such CapEx is not a feasible option especially when they have a better alternative in the form of online ERP services.

Online ERP and OpEx

Operating Expenses (OpEx) are the expenses that a company incurs to run its regular operations. From utility bills to property tax and employee salaries, everything comes under OpEx. Rising and unrestrained OpEx is a bane for the growth of many business entities.  They can’t grow to their full potential because rising operating expenses constantly bring them down.

Opting for online ERP services can significantly help in controlling OpEx. By using third-party online servers, you don’t have to hire more people. In addition, the absence of in-house, on-premise equipment means that you can save a lot on energy expenses as well as recurrent maintenance requirements.

For instance, an online cloud storage solution will cut down your cost of maintaining a physical data back on the premises. Let’s have a look how this will result in slashing several CapEx and OpEx.

  • Regular incorporation of hard drive space (CapEx)
  • Buying and maintaining a standalone server/station (CapEx and OpEx)
  • Deployment of a staff member on the station (OpEx)
  • Energy cost (OpEx)

It is important to mention here that online ERP services slash CapEx and OpEx without compromising the productivity and agility of organizational operations. If you want to maintain your CapEx and OpEx to ensure optimal growth, avail online ERP services offered by erp-Books.

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