5 Tips on how to make the most out of an ERP Software Demo

Are you planning to buy ERP software for your Business? Do not forget to ask for a Demo session from the vendor. The demo will not only provide you a clearer picture of how this functions, but also help you in comparing the various vendors, and then choosing the best from the options available.

A demo session will act as one of the important stages of vendor selection. You could discuss your requirements in the demo call so that the vendor is aware of what exactly you need. Also, you will get a chance to understand the support offered by the vendor.

To make this call successful:

  1. Be ready with a set of questions: The outcome of a meeting is effective when both the parties interact and there is a mutual exchange of thoughts. Thus, it is important to be prepared with a set of questions for the vendor as and when they present the demo of ERP Software.
  2. List of Requirements: The vendor might provide the best ERP, but if it does not fit your company’s or team’s requirements then there is no point buying it. It is important to understand your requirements and present them to the vendors.
  3. Take notes and Record: This will help you later when you go back and check. Also, recording whenever there’s a virtual meeting is very beneficial for future reference.
  4. Involve decision makers / Senior Management: Deciding on which ERP software has to be installed is an important decision for any project or organization. As this a long-term investment, it is very important that everyone is on board with the decision, especially the Senior Management.
  5. Total Cost: ERP Implementation must include all the costs such as infrastructure cost, cost of internal and external resources, and recurrent costs.

A demo can make a huge difference in decision making. Let us know what do you think about this article. You can write to us at info@erpbooks.

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