How important is Upgrading your ERP?

Even though you have the best of your ERP solutions in place, upgrading it time and again is highly recommended. The reason is that technology is advancing at a rapid pace and to keep up with its speed is mandatory. The average time needed for upgrades is about 5-7 years. As up-gradation is not an easy process, it involves both money and time, a company might not want to get into it if not actually needed. Therefore, let’s deep dive into the significance of ERP up-gradation:

  1. Regulation: New Acts are introduced for the businesses to amend. There are new regulatory requirements that are imposed, and companies ought to abide by them. These require the ERP software to upgrade, to be able to provide the right solutions.
  2. Customer Satisfaction and Experience: You would agree with the fact that customers today are well aware of everything. They research and know what’s the best option available for them in the market. It becomes really important to beat the competition and win your customer’s heart. To stay at the top of your game and have the latest version of the ERP system is something your customers would wish to have.
  3. Expanding your business: As your business expands, there are new products, solutions, sections, functionalities, and applications that get added. Your current ERP software might not be able to fetch in all the new changes and thus an upgrade is a must.
  4. Speed up your process: Sometimes, software grows so old that its speed starts diminishing. After a point, it so happens that instead of upgrading it you start thinking about other options. Thus, for your ERP to work at the desired speed it’s highly recommended to upgrade it in a timely manner.
  5. Optimize Performance: With the ERP Software up-gradation, your employees also get a good and user-friendly experience to use the functionalities and stay up to date with their work. This increases productivity.

Some companies feel that upgradation might cause more complexities. But with the above-mentioned advantages, I believe it would give a clearer picture as to why a company should not skip this highly recommended work.

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