4 Features of Good Email Support

Are your business emails improving customer experience? Customer service representative email support goes beyond sending timely reminders or marketing campaigns. A support email that is packed with the right features can drastically improve customer experience.

Your email support platform needs to have certain features in order to make the customers feel more rewarded after buying from you. Below are four design features that should be prioritized when firing away email messages.

1) Compatibility Across a Range of Devices

Every email will have two components to them: texts and graphics. Most devices can easily display text messages, but they don’t have the processing capabilities to rapidly render graphics. This is why before sending your emails, you should address the pain points of different mobile devices to ensure they load graphics properly.  

Your email might look beautiful on a big screen monitor, but can it scale down on smaller screens of mobile devices? You should test your emails on a wide range of devices that you expect your clients to use. You want to make sure that:

  • Your email messages are not too big for smaller screens.
  • Images are displayed properly on the majority of devices.
  • The templates and codes used are compatible across different browsers and clients.

2) Plain Text Emails for High Accessibility

Almost all devices can display plain text emails without filling up the screen with confusing lines of codes and bloated images. This is why it is advisable to add different viewing options for clients to maximize their accessibility. One of these is to place a link that can allow clients to view the message over a browser of their choice. This link is especially beneficial to e-commerce businesses because it allows the shoppers to view the message properly.

Make sure the link is placed in a spot that is easy to for customers to reach.

3) Content That Speaks to the Customer

Next after design is the content of your email, which is equally important. Customers will spend most of their time going over the content, and if the email takes too much of their time, then it won’t likely be read in its entirety. Who has the time?

There are certain checks and balances you can maintain to improve client interaction with emails. Let’s start with a straightforward subject line that communicates the message clearly. The starting paragraph of the content should adequately address client concerns such as, “why should I even open this email?”

The trick to drafting a successful email is to make use of as few words as possible.

4) Provide Enough Supporting Outbound Links

The links you send to and from your emails are of particular importance. The general rule of thumb with links is that they should provide more information to the recipient if they choose to. For instance, if your email contains notifications about recently shipped orders, it would be a great idea to provide a link that tracks the current location of the product.

Every customer service representative email support should have the above features for optimum results. And now at ERPbooks, you can get free email support alongside access to a suite of ERP products for up to 5 users – completely free of charge. Click here for more information.

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