Benefits of Having Free Email Support for Your Business

Email support has existed for a few years now. It bridges the growing gap between businesses and clients. Potential leads that are interested in particular products and services can simply reach out over email for specific queries. Instead of spending costly resources handling client requests over phone, it is a lot simpler to just send an email.

Email support provides several benefits to a particular business, the most important of which involves resolving queries with disgruntled clients. Let’s go over some advantages of email support.

Prompt Customer Support

E-mails can be sent to clients in an instant instead of having to wait for them to pick up a phone call. Most clients maintain the habit of checking their emails every now and then, making it unlikely to miss the email. This makes it possible to provide clients with prompt customer support. The last thing any business wants is for their hard earned leads to abandon them because of a missed phone call.

Increased Conversion and Sales

Many e-commerce businesses notice that a large percentage of customer transactions are abandoned midway. This is because customers may have certain confusions related to the product-related issues that they want addressed. If the customers are unable to find someone to answer their questions, they may just leave the website and go to a rival business instead.

E-mail support can provide answers to questions related to the product and services, which in turn can increase conversion and sales.

Reduces Telephone Costs

Telephone costs can take a large chunk of the budget, often beyond what a small business can afford to pay. Email support is an affordable way to interact with clients, and it helps in reducing the cost spent on call center services. It is more productive because a single customer representative can manage several e-mail queries at once.

In this regard, email support is the more cost-effective option for businesses that have budgetary constraints.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

The number of online businesses that are springing up every other day is increasing. The increased competition has made it possible for customers to cherry pick businesses based on desired traits. Prompt customer support is one of these traits. If the client is unable to reach a business over e-mail, it may just be the excuse they need to look for their product elsewhere. 

Customer Satisfaction Can be Measured Easily

Customer surveys are important if you want to evaluate how your products and services are performing. The only problem is that few people have the patience to stick around answering automated queries over telephone. An easier solution is to simply reach clients over e-mail so they can fill surveys and questionnaires at their leisure.

At ERPbooks, we offer free e-mail support to businesses that sign up for our ERP systems. Our services will cut your time and operating costs by an appreciable percentage. Contact our team today and find out how we can help you.

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