Our Vision

We at erpBooks believe that software should be compatible with the company's operations and not the other way where the company would have to change its operations based on software.

Our Mission

erpBooks.com caters to small distribution/manufacturing companies. Companies who would rather run their business and not worry about software, servers, network, updates, etc.

Our Values

  • We make things easy for users
  • We will provide free support to all including free users
  • Our charges for multi users is less than $10 per month
  • We provide consulting

Corporate Overview

erpBooks started working in 2009 from open source webERP. We made it work for few of our partner companies and decided to let others take advantage of it too. We offer free service to companies with one users and first user free for companies with multi users. Our current largest installation is 49 users. We are based in Silicon Valley with some developers in other countries.

erpBooks Team (Division of ZDAG LLC)