ERP Trends That Can Transform Businesses in 2019

With the first month on 2019 passing by us quickly, it is time for distributors and manufacturers to up their game and start looking for mapping IT strategies in the future. The world of enterprise technology is progressing at a fast pace, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The fast paced era might just bode well with businesses in the IT setup, as they can further optimize and streamline their performance through the use of ERP software.

With the early jitters done with, and everyone becoming accustomed with the change of the year, we get to discuss the important issues at hand. Here we look at some of the big predictions for 2019 as far as ERP trends are concerned. Go through these predictions, and see how many of these you expect to phase out this year:

Surge in IoT Enterprises

The word IoT or the phrase Internet of Things has been thrown around a lot during the last couple of years. So much so that many decision makers are thinking of it as a meaningless buzzword that doesn’t affect their approach. However, the reality is starkly different than this perception. IoT has left its footprint across numerous industries, and is positively looking to impact ERP systems as well.

IoT based enterprises basically help connect machines with the internet to generate and gather important metrics related to the performance of these machines. The data generated through this method can then be used for further optimization.

We expect this year to see a surge in IoT linked ERP systems. However, this surge will only be fully unleashed if all of your machinery are in direct conversation with the ERP system.

Cloud ERP’s Continued Rise

2018 was by far the year of the cloud. Cloud technology rose at a breakneck pace, and many organizations shifted their software operations off their premises. The cloud revolution is expected to go on through 2019 as well, with more and more organizations adapting the technology and implementing it within their business processes. The benefits of the cloud for businesses that are already using the technology will soon show, and will spread like fire in a market that is dominated by innovation.

With the opportunity to free IT teams from extensive hassle, cloud systems offer an avenue that can benefit all parties involved.

Focus on Compliance and Security

With new regulations such as the GDPR and continuous cyber security breaches stealing the headline in 2018, 2019 will see businesses prioritize data protection and compliance. ERP providers will have to take note of this growing need within the market by ensuring measures such as AI-powered threat detection, enhanced methods of encryption and stringent access restrictions in place. These measures will ensure that the data within the ERP systems will not fall into the wrong hands, as it has so commonly happened during the last year.

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